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Between Nothingness and Entertainment

Ronny Wærnes has for some years been part of the industrial / noise music scene in Bodø in the northern parts of Norway. He appears in many different bands and collaborations, and to name a few he varies from experimental rock (Blaakraft) to metal percussion rhythm (Psykisk Tortur), or recording collaborations with Zan Hoffman, or live performances with legendary krautrockers Faust.

Kjetil Hanssen has equally been a very active part of the Oslo noise scene for some years, being mostly known for his solo project Torstein Wjiik, and his label Ambolthue, both putting out massive amounts of releases these last years. Hanssen also puts out records as Origami Metallika, Cadmium Wjiik, to name a few.

These two artists did their first performance together in Oslo a couple of years ago, which ultimately resulted in the live album Sound of Mu 10.11.09, released immediately after the gig.

Between Nothingness and Entertainment, is the first studiowork from this duo, presenting a massive wave of energy through guitar-, and electronic-driven soundscapes. It is a full album of just over fifty minutes, still varied and with depth, as they explore the sonics of the distorted guitar and both acoustic-, and electronic-generated sounds and feedback.